Accelerating laser processes with a smart two-dimensional polygon mirror scanner for ultra-fast beam deflection Sammelbandbeitrag uri icon



  • Abstract In laser processing, the possible throughput is directly scaling with the available average laser power. To avoid unwanted thermal damage due to high pulse energy or heat accumulation during MHz-repetition rates, energy distribution over the workpiece is required. Polygon mirror scanners enable high deflection speeds and thus, a proper energy distribution within a short processing time. The requirements of laser micro processing with up to 10 kW average laser powers and high scan speeds up to 1000 m/s result in a 30 mm aperture two-dimensional polygon mirror scanner with a patented low-distortion mirror configuration. In combination with a field programmable gate array-based real-time logic, position-true high-accuracy laser switching is enabled for 2D, 2.5D, or 3D laser processing capable to drill holes in multi-pass ablation or engraving. A special developed real-time shifter module within the high-speed logic allows, in combination with external axis, the material processing on the fly and hence, processing of workpieces much larger than the scan field.


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