Broadband soft X-ray source from a clustered gas target dedicated to high-resolution XCT and X-ray absorption spectroscopy Journalartikel uri icon



  • The development of the broad-bandwidth photon sources emitting in the soft X-ray range has attracted great attention for a long time due to the possible applications in high-resolution spectroscopy, nano-metrology, and material sciences. A high photon flux accompanied by a broad, smooth spectrum is favored for the applications such as near-edge X-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS), extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS), or XUV/X-ray coherence tomography (XCT). So far, either large-scale facilities or technologically challenging systems providing only limited photon flux in a single shot dominate the suitable sources. Here, we present a soft, broad-band (1.5 nm - 10.7 nm) soft X-ray source. The source is based on the interaction of very intense laser pulses with a target formed by a cluster mixture. A photon yield of 2.4 × 1014 photons/pulse into 4π (full space) was achieved with a medium containing Xe clusters of moderate-size mixed with a substantial amount of extremely large ones. It is shown that such a cluster mixture enhances the photon yield in the soft X-ray range by roughly one order of magnitude. The size of the resulting source is not beneficial (≤500 µm but this deficit is compensated by a specific spectral structure of its emission fulfilling the specific needs of the spectroscopic (broad spectrum and high signal dynamics) and metrological applications (broad and smoothed spectrum enabling a sub-nanometer resolution limit for XCT).


  • Janulewicz, Karol A.
  • Węgrzyński, Łukasz
  • Fok, Tomasz
  • Bartnik, Andrzej
  • Fiedorowicz, Henryk
  • Skruszewicz, Sławomir
  • Wünsche, Martin
  • Eckner, Erich
  • Fuchs, Silvio
  • Reinhard, Julius
  • Abel, Johann J.
  • Wiesner, Felix
  • Paulus, Gerhard. G.
  • Rödel, Christian
  • Kim, Chul Min
  • Wachulak, Przemysław W.


  • 2022


  • Open Access


  • 26


  • 30


  • 47867