Data-Driven Anthropology : Exploring the Significance of Data and Digital Data Management Technologies Sammelbandbeitrag uri icon



  • This work emphasises the synergy between anthropologi-cal research on human skeletal remains and suitable doc-umentation strategies. Highlighting the significance of data recording and the use of digital databases in various aspects of anthropological work on bones, including scien-tific standards, skeletal collections, analysis of research re-sults, ethical considerations, and curation, it provides a comprehensive examination of these topics to demonstrate the value of investing time and resources in this field, countering the existing lack of funding that has led to sig-nificant deficiencies. Additionally, the paper outlines the requirements and challenges associated with standard data protocoling and suggests that digital data manage-ment frameworks and technologies such as ontologies and semantic web technologies for anthropological information should be a central focus in developing solutions.


  • 2024


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