Feasible Bases for a Polytope Related to the Hamilton Cycle Problem Journalartikel uri icon



  • We study a certain polytope depending on a graph G and a parameter β ∈ (0,1) that arises from embedding the Hamiltonian cycle problem in a discounted Markov decision process. Literature suggests a conjecture a lower bound on the proportion of feasible bases corresponding to Hamiltonian cycles in the set of all feasible bases. We make progress toward a proof of the conjecture by proving results about the structure of feasible bases. In particular, we prove three main results: (1) the set of feasible bases is independent of the parameter β when the parameter is close to one, (2) the polytope can be interpreted as a generalized network flow polytope, and (3) we deduce a combinatorial interpretation of the feasible bases. We also provide a full characterization for a special class of feasible bases, and we apply this to provide some computational support for the conjecture.


  • 2021


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