Influence of Pre-Aging on the Hardness and Formability of a Thread Rolled 6056 Aluminum Alloy after Conventional Extrusion and Artificial Aging Journalartikel uri icon



  • For the production of aluminum screws, an effective thermomechanical treatment is necessary for enabling high strength combined with good formability. In this study, the influence of pre-aging as initial heat treatment prior to following processing steps was investigated for the precipitation hardenable 6056 aluminum alloy. The short-term low temperature pre-aged condition was compared to a naturally aged one representing storage time in manufacturing. As reference, a solution-annealed condition was used. After these initial heat treatments, conventional extrusion and artificial aging followed prior to final thread rolling. The distribution of strain introduced by these forming processes was numerically investigated using finite element simulation. The initial heat treatment had a significant influence on the mechanical properties achievable after the complete thermomechanical processing route. After extrusion and artificial aging, the highest hardness was achieved by the pre-aged condition. Despite its high initial hardness, this condition exhibited the best formability indicated by well-formed threads combined with the highest hardness achieved after thread rolling. Therefore, pre-aging seems to be an advantageous heat treatment for integration in the manufacturing process of screws due to its beneficial effect on the mechanical properties.


  • 2021


  • Open Access


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