Streamline Selection for Comparative Visualization of 3D Fluid Simulation Result Konferenzpaper uri icon



  • Fluid dynamics simulation is often repeated while changing conditions, and therefore we need to compare a large amount of results. In order to compare results under different conditions, it is effective to overlap the streamlines generated from each condition in a single 3D space. Streamline is a curved line which represents a wind flow. This paper presents a technique to automatically select and visualize important streamlines suitable for comparison of the simulation results. In addition, we present an implementation to observe the flow fields in virtual reality spaces.


  • Sawada, Shoko
  • Itoh, Takayuki
  • Misaka, Takashi
  • Obayashi, Shigeru
  • Czauderna, Tobias
  • Stephens, Kingsley



  • 2017


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