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  • Visual exploration of maps often requires a contextual understanding at multiple scales and locations. Multiview map layouts, which present a hierarchy of multiple views to reveal detail at various scales and locations, have been shown to support better performance than traditional single-view exploration on desktop displays. This paper investigates the extension of such layouts of 2D maps into 3D immersive spaces, which are not limited by the real-estate barrier of physical screens and support sensemaking through spatial interaction. Based on our initial implementation of immersive multiview maps, we conduct an exploratory study with 16 participants aimed at understanding how people place and view such maps in immersive space. We observe the layouts produced by users performing map exploration search, comparison and route-planning tasks. Our qualitative analysis identifies patterns in layoutgeometry (spherical, spherical cap, planar),overview-detail relationship (central window, occluding, coordinated) andinteraction strategy. Based on these observations, along with qualitative feedback from a user walkthrough session, we identify implications and recommend features for immersive multiview map systems. Our main findings are that participants tend to prefer and arrange multiview maps in a spherical cap layout around them and that they often rearrange the views during tasks.


  • Satriadi, Kadek Ananta
  • Ens, Barrett
  • Cordeil, Maxime
  • Czauderna, Tobias
  • Jenny, Bernhard


  • 2020


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