Towards a hybrid user interface for the visual exploration of large biomolecular networks using virtual reality Konferenzpaper uri icon



  • Abstract Biomolecular networks, including genome-scale metabolic models (GSMMs), assemble the knowledge regarding the biological processes that happen inside specific organisms in a way that allows for analysis, simulation, and exploration. With the increasing availability of genome annotations and the development of powerful reconstruction tools, biomolecular networks continue to grow ever larger. While visual exploration can facilitate the understanding of such networks, the network sizes represent a major challenge for current visualisation systems. Building on promising results from the area of immersive analytics, which among others deals with the potential of immersive visualisation for data analysis, we present a concept for a hybrid user interface that combines a classical desktop environment with a virtual reality environment for the visual exploration of large biomolecular networks and corresponding data. We present system requirements and design considerations, describe a resulting concept, an envisioned technical realisation, and a systems biology usage scenario. Finally, we discuss remaining challenges.


  • Aichem, Michael
  • Klein, Karsten
  • Czauderna, Tobias
  • Garkov, Dimitar
  • Zhao, Jinxin
  • Li, Jian
  • Schreiber, Falk


  • 2022


  • Open Access


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