Viewpoint Selection for Shape Comparison of Mode Water Regions in a VR Space Konferenzpaper uri icon



  • Virtual Reality (VR) provides immersive environments where users watch objects and scenes as if they were in front of users. This is a significant advantage while applying to 3D visualization systems. However, it is often difficult for novice users to make the best use of VR to reproduce the objects and scenes precisely and the comprehensively depending on the skills of users and the complexity of objects and scenes. One of the problems is that the allowed operations in VR are too flexible. Here, we propose a viewpoint selection method that allows every user to watch the objects and scenes easily and carefully in a VR space. The viewpoint is not fixed but can be shifted to the most favorable position according to the demand of users. Regarding the selected viewpoint as the initial position, users can easily go towards the target part with fewer movements. This system helps users to understand the complex objects in the VR space precisely with less time. We demonstrate our system on the observation of mode water pairs and discuss the comparative visualization results.


  • Yano, Midori
  • Itoh, Takayuki
  • Tanaka, Yuusuke
  • Matsuoka, Daisuke
  • Araki, Fumiaki
  • Czauderna, Tobias
  • Stephens, Kingsley



  • 2019


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