Blockchain Based Social Commitment -Secure & Reliable Web Services Konferenzpaper uri icon



  • We are adopting blockchain-based security features for the usage in web service applications & platforms. These technology concepts allow us to enhance the level of trustworthiness for any kind of public web service platform. Related platforms are using simple user registration and validation procedures, which provide huge potential for illegal activities. In contrast, more secure live video identity checks are binding massive resources for the individual, staff-intensive validation tasks. Our approach combines traditional web-based service platform features with blockchain-based security enhancements. The concepts are used on two layers, for the user identification procedures as well as the entire process history on the web service platform.In order to maximize the individual user experience, trust-worthiness on web service level and the real-world trust level between each customer has to be considered in a very strong way. Thus, our approach focuses on local urban areas or regions with site-specific customized service portfolios. The social relations between the individual customers represent an essential part of each single service request.



  • 2022


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